In Viva Health,
we believe that a healthcare access for community
will enable people to live longer and healthier


Our Pledge

We believe in being accountable for the health of the people in the neighborhoods we serve.

As members of the community, we must care for them the way we would care for our own family.

We must continuously improve ourselves and do everything possible to provide the most appropriate course of action.

We do these things so that others may live their lives to the greatest potential.

Life at Viva Health

Hear from our people how they grow with Viva Health.

"We will only be as good as our people, and together we drive a positive change in Indonesia's healthcare services. Whether you are a healthcare professional, an analyst, a marketeer, an accountant, or a software developer, if you passionately care about develop your personal career growth in a scalable business that improve lives, we need you to help us make more amazing things happen."

"Its principle to treat the patient just like our own family is one of Viva Apotek's comparative advantage compared to other pharmacy store,"
Tri Kamalasari, Pharmacist
Viva Apotek - Pemuda Demak, Semarang

"It's the place to share through profession"
Jessy Fransiska, Pharmacy Manager
Viva Apotek - Tambak Segaran, Surabaya

“In Viva Health, we are trained, not only to work with high responsibility, but also to work with heart, in assisting patients,”
M.Sulthon Habibi, Pharmacist
Viva Apotek - Diponegoro Prambon, Sidoarjo

"In Viva Health, I was facilitated to provide medicine information, counseling, patients' follow up, and home visit care."
Rizqi Permata Hidayah, Pharmacy Manager
Viva Apotek - Beji, Semarang

"Providing healthcare for community is a hard work.
Here's how we CARE for our own people!"


Discover the Possibilities

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Contact Us

Viva Health
Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower Level 27
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 45-46
Karet, DKI Jakarta
P: (021) 57962562

Disclaimer: Viva Health has a robust recruitment process where the employment criteria is based purely on merit. Viva Health neither charges any fee, nor requires any money deposits from applicants at any stage of recruitment nor collect any fees from educational institutions for participation in a recruitment event.

In case you come across any person or organization demanding money in lieu of a job opportunity in Viva Health, you are encouraged to bring such matters to our attention by writing to us at

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